The cake that started it all.

I’d been reading Cake Wrecks off and on for a while, and I happened upon a bunch of sci-fi themed cakes. And I’m having a sci-fi party in a couple of weeks, see, so I thought it would be fun to make such a cake myself. But having never carved a cake before, I thought I’d start with something simpler. Like a pumpkin!

It was so much fun!

It was something of a rush job, since I am fond of last minute decisions, and we had company coming that night. So I zipped off to the store, grabbed all the ingredients (And I realized while walking into the store that I’d forgotten to look for a frosting recipe! Matt to the rescue – he did a quick online search and gave me a list of ingredients over the phone.) and made it home around noon. I had the cake completed before dinner. If I’d had a few more hours, I’d have whipped up more frosting so that the finished cake would look more, um, finished.

Lesson learned. Make more frosting, and plan ahead.