I started yesterday feeling pretty grumbly. But then I made cake, and felt better.

Sponge cake, specifically. I really don’t understand how it can be used in wedding cakes, as it doesn’t have nearly enough substance to hold together in the kind of multi-layered tiers that I usually think of for weddings. It was, however, delicious.

I layered it with a syrup I made from frozen mixed berries, and the lemon curd I mentioned earlier. They kind of melded together into a lemon-berry deliciousness that had us all eager for another slice.

We meant to top it off with some home-made whipped cream, but I goofed and bought light cream instead of heavy or whipping cream, and it didn’t mix up. So instead we grabbed some Cool Whip from the shop around the corner. The real thing would have no doubt been better, but the Cool Whip wasn’t bad.

Today I made my first ever batch of fondant, which will be used to cover the cake I’m baking for our party next weekend. This is a completely new medium for me, so we’ll have to see what happens. Stay tuned!