I started working with a new medium this week, called gumpaste. It’s a lot like working with playdoh, actually, but it dries hard and is technically edible, though I wouldn’t recommend that. Here we have my first ever gumpaste flowers – dahlias. I showed Matt a picture of what I intended to do, and he doubted I’d be able to pull it off. Hah!
It could use some improvement on the petals, but I was pretty pleased with them. One of these went onto a cake for my cousin Jenn, whose birthday was this week.

And the rest of this post should probably be retitled as “everything that can possibly go wrong with cake.”
I had some really fun ideas in mind, but then life and finances intervened, and I had to scale down. And then things fell apart even further, and I had to redesign everything again at the last minute. See, I thought I was baking a cake, but what actually came out of the oven was a bunch of chocolate paving stones.

As I looked over the recipe, I realized that the time I should have been adding baking soda was right about when Nathan decided that he was all done sitting patiently in his high chair, and I was singing The Wheels on the Bus in an attempt to distract him and finish putting this cake together. So much for that.
So I needed a new cake, and I had to use a different recipe because my original, fantastically delicious chocolate cake recipe called for buttermilk, of which I was out. And since it was now time for me to leave for my cake decorating class, I had to ask Matt to make the cake for me. Which he did a fantastic job at, because he’s a fantastic kind of guy.
So after class I got home, very tired and having missed my dinner, to fill and crumb-coat the new cake. And then I got up way before I was ready, got Ian off to school, and finished the frosting and decorating. Had I not been stressed, and on a deadline, I would probably have done something very different. But I needed to bring this cake to my aunt (30 minutes away) and get back home before the windshield replacement guy was scheduled to arrive. (And of course he was late.)
In short, this cake went from a fabulous idea to a rather boring reality. Sorry Jenn. I’ll make it up to you sometime, promise.