I thought I’d show you Ian’s favorite part of having a baker in the family. As soon as the mixer starts up he runs over to watch, and it’s often all I can do to keep him from eating the frosting before it gets onto the cake.

It feels like it’s been a long while since I’ve baked anything, though that’s not actually true. I made a cake last Monday, inspired suddenly by the news that some friends were going to visit for dinner. It was an awful rush to finish it in such a short time, and in fact I was adding the last of the decorations as our guests walked in the door. We forgot to take pictures of it before digging in, but that’s okay because I made it – at Matt’s suggestion – with the logo of our guest’s favorite football team. Given that this is not the home team, I’d probably be hexed for posting a picture. 🙂

It would have looked much better if I’d been less rushed, but our guests enjoyed it. One actually told me as he sliced into it that he felt “like he was cutting into his soul”, which I took to be a generous compliment.

Anyway, it’s been cold and dreary around here, so today I decided I needed a bit of spring! I’ll be bringing these to church tomorrow. Matt and I are on a diet, so we need to spread the calories around!

They’re actually much brighter than the photo shows; my camera and I aren’t getting along.