I asked Ian what kind of cake we should make this week, and he asked for a zoo cake.  (All 5 year old get to have their whims represented in cake, right?)

My sketches for this cake originally had the animals behind barred cages, but that looked rather somber, so I decided to go for a windowed enclosure instead. Ian and I had a lengthy debate about which animals should be in our zoo, which mostly consisted of me suggesting various animals and him saying “NO” to each one.  But he still insisted he wanted a zoo.  (What does he think a zoo is, anyway?)

In the end I picked out a few animals. Elephants are fun.

What’s a zoo without a monkey?


Our zoo is one of the privileged few to have a giant panda. Ian has recently learned that pandas eat bamboo, a word he finds amusing.


Despite his reluctance to choose the animals for this zoo cake, Ian did make it quite clear that our camel should have only one hump.


If you’re wondering, yes, all those little bricks do take about as much time as you imagine they would. But I had fun doing it – which I guess is when you know you’ve found the right hobby. Plus, they made the cake so much cuter; it was definitely worth it. Next time I just need to make them more uniformly sized.