A couple weeks ago I stumbled onto Miso Bakes. Miso is an incredible cake artist and new-found source of inspiration. She’s also hosting a regular challenge for cake decorators. She asked us to particular cake decorating tip, but to use it in a non-traditional way. So in July, for example, the challenge was to use the decorating tip usually used for rose petals, but actually making roses on the cake was banned.

The August challenge was the leaf tip, like this one, but of course no leaves are allowed. There are a few other guidelines as well, but you probably don’t care, and if you do you can check out her blog.


I forgot to register for this challenge in time, so I’m not officially participating, but here is my cake nonetheless.


I turned the tip sideways to make these chunky lines across it. This cake is vanilla, with Swiss Meringue butter cream. I brought it with me to visit friends in Maine a couple weekends ago, and they were most enthusiastic. I ended up tinting way more frosting than I needed, so I used it up on a batch of chocolate cupcakes – which I sadly forgot to photograph. And they turned out so pretty, too!