Or otherwise translated, Fruit paste, successful!

You may recall I recently attempted this candy a few weeks ago, with such poor results that I was too embarrassed to post a picture. Not this time, friends! Hooray!

A big part of the problem, the first go round, was in the recipe I used. The recipe suggested by the Daring Bakers required liquid pectin. I didn’t have that on hand, and had been unsuccessful in locating it, so I hunted around the internet for a recipe that didn’t require pectin. The one I used the first time called for gelatin instead. There were probably some problems with my technique as well, but in any case it turned out badly. But as I was walking through the grocery store this week, what do you think I found? Pectin! I figured now I had to try again, and I’m glad that I did. These are all that I expected them to be. And there is more pectin I have to use up, so I guess we’ll have to sample some other varieties, non?