Remember the carrot cake post from last week? Remember how I left you hanging about how it would look?

Here it is!

Avast, ye landlubbers! This cake be for pirates only!

This cake was for my annual costumed birthday party. (No prizes for guessing this year’s theme!)  The map wrapped around the sides was fondant, hand-painted with food coloring. After some trial and error, I can now tell you it is best to do the painting after placing the fondant on the cake. Trust me on this one. The first attempt was a mess. The ship and the little treasure chest are made of gum paste – something I’ve been using a lot of lately!

A number of people at the party asked how I made the ship, so I’ll let you all in on my secret. It’s this!

I borrowed one of my son’s toy boats, wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap, and shaped a piece of gum paste around it to form the ship’s hull.  Once that was dry, I built the rest of the ship up from it. I may post more pictures of the process later. In the meantime…

Isn’t this a fun cake table?