So as it turns out, blogging about food is a lot of work! Especially blogging in the style of the food blogs I like to read, which have lots of beautiful pictures and creative new takes on recipes each week (or even more often!). I was getting frustrated at my inability to emulate those blogs, until finally I realized that those bloggers are getting PAID to do that! I mean, I knew that, but it didn’t sink in that this was why they had time to artfully arrange their cookies, or wait for the perfect light to shoot photos in. Also, since they’re getting paid, they probably can afford to have someone else deal with the toddlers that might otherwise be tugging on their pant leg, or the 6-year old who wants to eat the results before they’re finished.

And so, for what may be the only time in my life, I am cutting myself a break. I am no longer going to take dozens of photos, and then weed through those dozens of photos to find the shot that is just perfect, and then use my not-so-cutting-edge editing software to make everything even better. I just can’t keep up with all that. If I have the time and inclination, you may get a shot with a nice background or good light. Or you might not. I wish they could all be great photos, but this is where I am now.

So without further ado, here are all the cakes that have been sitting on my memory card for the last several weeks….

Turkey Cake pops
Carrot Cake
Everything AND the kitchen sink
kitchen sink detail
Thanksgiving cookies
Christmas tree cupcakes
Hello Kitty cake. The figurine is a candle.
Happy Birthday Ashley!

























What I do want to focus on, instead of the photos and layout and all that, is getting better results with my cakes. I’ve been plagued by inconsistent turnout lately. Everyone says the cakes still taste good, and I think they taste good too, but the texture often disappoints me. I’m planning to pick up a kitchen scale in the coming weeks though, and hopefully weighing out my ingredients instead of measuring by cups and tablespoons will help me get better results.