We’ve had a busy end-of-year time here, with visits from family and traveling to other family, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been cake!

Oh, let me tell you, there has been cake.

First, for my sister-in-law, who completed her bachelor’s degree this semester! Yay, Abby!

I made this cake at home and then tucked it carefully in the trunk amongst our baggage for the 10 hour drive to Pennsylvania. Which admittedly is a long way to deliver a cake, but then, Abby lives in the land of way-far-away, so I only get to see her about once a year. The cake traveled pretty well, but it did develop odd air-pockets under the fondant that still puzzle me.

And then, there was the baby shower cake. Again, for Abby! (The girl has had a busy year!) Abby’s nursery has a ladybug theme, which is what inspired this cake.

This cake was baked at home, then frozen and packaged undecorated for the journey to PA – which meant that all my decorating gear had to make the trip as well!) The frosting was also mixed at home and carried semi-frozen in giant rubber-made tubs. (the coloring I did there though). I tried to convince Matt to let me pack the stand mixer as well, but there really wouldn’t have been room. 🙂

Oh! and the topper was made at home too, from a fondant/gumpaste mix.

The sleeping baby ladybug has her own teddy bear! Awww….

Wait, can I “aww” over my own work? Is that ok? Hm…

Moving on, there were also cookies at this shower!

I’ve been seeing cute baby-onesie cookies on lots of baking blogs, and when I found the cookie cutter on sale I knew I wanted to try it out. Turns out these were far more time consuming than I anticipated, and as with everything there is a big learning curve, but I did manage to figure out a few ways to speed things up for next time.

While I was in PA I also stumbled upon some fun new cookie cutters as well, so look for more cookies in the weeks (months?) to come!