Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Yes, this is cake! I took it to a party at church, where I’m told some people mistook it for a centerpiece!

I’ve seen a few cakes around that were made to look like Chinese food, and I’d been hoping to have an excuse try my hand at it. So when my church announced a Chinese New Year pot luck meal, in honor of a couple of our members who are moving to China this year, I knew immediately what I’d be bringing.

My husband tells me that bringing a cake like this to a pot-luck is a bit like wearing an evening gown to a PTA meeting, but… well, it’s just my thing, I guess. Big, involved cakes are just so much fun!

Especially when they involve fondant lo mein!

So really, I’m just a big kid playing with edible play-doh. 🙂 And dragons!

The dragon was done with royal icing and a stencil made from freezer paper. I think next time I’ll make my stencils with something a bit more durable, and hopefully get less smudging.

The fortune cookies and the chopsticks were made from gumpaste, and were probably the easiest part of the whole process. The Chinese characters spell out Happy New Year (at least, that’s what I found online  – if they actually say something rude, I heartily apologize to everyone involved!) All the piping was done with royal icing. The red painting on the lo mein container was painted on free-hand with food coloring.

Oh, and the cake board was a re-purposed dry-erase calendar! This way I got a very sturdy platform without having to go out and buy a new piece of gear.

What comes next? I’m not sure, but Ian has been peppering me with ideas. Stay tuned!