It’s been forever since I posted, I know. And actually, it’s been almost forever since I’ve made any cake. We are in the midst of trying to sell our home, which means that all my energy has been focused on cleaning and getting rid of/hiding any extra stuff that buyers may see as clutter. Somehow, the real estate agent thinks all my cake paraphernalia might be seen as clutter. Go figure. So now it’s all hiding in a couple of big plastic bins on the top shelf of the closet, pretending to be extra blankets or whatever else non-cake people store in their closets. I liked it better when it was easily accessible in my kitchen, but I have to admit I like my kitchen better without all the stuff.

But you don’t want to hear about my real estate woes, you are here for the cake, right?

Here you go!

A friend at church asked me to make a car shaped cake for her daughter’s 16th birthday. It didn’t matter what kind of car, she said, as long as it was red. I thought something on the sporty end of things would be fun.At the last minute I decided that the car itself wouldn’t serve enough people (judging serving sizes on a carved cake is really difficult) so I made an extra layer of cake and made a road for the car to drive on. I’m told they had a lot left over, but that’s way better than someone not getting a slice, right?

And of course no car is complete without a license plate!

Happy Birthday Susie!


Please forgive the picture quality. These were all taken with my ipod, as my camera has gone into hiding somewhere. Boo, hiss!!