DSCF7912My costume-birthday party this year was masquerade themed.IMG_20120721_091944 (1) Made this one just for fun last summer, while my niece and nephews were visiting.


IMG_20121130_095648Cupcakes for a jewelry party


IMG_20121214_111334Opening night for Sea Change Theater Company‘s performance of “Christmas Memories”

2011-01-01 00.00.22Last month I hosted a jewelry party as a fundraiser for Amirah.

2013-03-21 08.50.05And since I was on a butterfly theme anyway, I brought these little guys to my mothers group.


I’d like to say that I’ll start updating regularly again soon, but I’ve said that before, and you know what happened then. I did at least replace my camera recently – since October, when my son threw my last camera in the river, I’ve been photographing pictures with my phone. Now I have a new toy to figure out, and hopefully my photography will improve.

So… see you around, friends.